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Help Them Become Responsible Adults

How To Teach Children Values That Will Help Them Become Responsible Adults

Author: Nicole Roberts

Teaching your children good values is an essential aspect of raising responsible children. As a parent, your children's personal values are your own responsibility, and you want to make sure that you shape them into the adults that you truly want them to become. A child won't learn this important life lesson in an hour, or even in a classroom. This is a lesson that lasts throughout childhood and over the course of the child's lifetime. If you expect your children to grow into adulthood with good values you should learn how to teach children values. There are several steps you can take to teach children values.

1. Live an exemplary life. Children learn by watching adults and then copy what they see. They learn what they are shown and taught. Your child is watching the way you live and how you react to life. Live a life worthy of emulation if you want to instill good values in your child. Live in a way that shows good values and your child will learn from you.

2. Start early to teach values for kids. Don't wait until your child is in high school. It is better start teaching good values to children when they're very young. This will implant strongly in their mind and carry them through their teen years.

3. Pay attention to what your children are watching. Children learn from watching television programs, looking at magazines and even from looking at the Internet. These resources show examples of both good values and poor values, and make a great impact on a child's life. Pay attention to what shows or pictures your children are looking at or learning from. Talk to your children about what they see. Let them know that those who are exemplifying poor values will reap the repercussions of those values.

4. Be consistent of what you say to children. What this means is that you should not be saying one thing and then do another thing. Children are very observant to what the grown-ups do. Children have no respect for people who are inconsistent. Children get confused in a scenario like this and they will never believe you again in whatever you teach them. If you want to earn their respect, you must live what you teach them. That is an effective way of teaching children.

5. Teach your children about money management. Don't just buy anything your children ask for. Even though you love your children, you also want them to learn good values so they can become responsible adults. When it comes to values for kids, money management is an essential lesson a child should learn right from a young age. Sometimes you have to say no to their request if it's not a necessity. Be firm when you say no, and be sure that you explain to them why you will not buy it.

Once you know how to teach children values and apply the steps, your children will certainly take these values into adulthood and will be grateful to you for the valuable lessons you instilled in them

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We have been chosen to "lead" and "teach" these little souls what life is about and how to teach children values…AND…this is what I want to assist you in doing with the children you have been entrusted to lead and guide.

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Best health & hygeine items for a college care package

Now that  your child is off at college, fighting off germs will remain a constant issue. Dorms are notoriously dangerous breeding grounds for all types of disguisting bacteria, molds and viruses. Keeping everything as sanitized and sterile as possible is the best way to avoid getting ill.

Here are some items that could be included in your care package:

  • Antibacterial spray
  • Cleaning products
  • Hygiene products
  • New bedding items
  • New towels and wash cloths
  • New undergarments
  • Shampoo
  • Colorful or whimsical loofa
  • Shower slippers
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Contact solution
  • Fun lotions
  • Shower shoes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Mini first aid kit with bandages, anti-biotic ointment, etc.
  • Air freshener

Care package ideas for college students

When your child goes off to school, your responsibilities as the parent does not end.  College can be a very hard transition, even for the most mature and well adjusted 18-year-old. In addition to talking to your child regularly, sending care packages is also a must. Depending on the needs of your child, care packages can contain a variety of items. A care package should show your child you care, but also contain items that they want and need. Talk to your child and get an idea of what they would like before sending the care package.

Best foods for a college care package

The most common type of care package consists of food. While a lot of colleges offer meal tickets for cafeteria food, that's not always enough. Students keep odd hours and need snacks on hand at all times. Fast food, in addition to being unhealthy, can also be costly – especially for college students. That's where food related care packages come in.
When sending food care packages, make sure that everything you send is non-perishable. Also take into account the space your child has to store the items and whether or not your child has a stove, oven or microwave at their disposal.

Here is a list to get you started:

  • Beef jerky
  • Bottled water
  • Candy bars
  • Gum
  • Canned soups
  • Cereal and oatmeal
  • Granola bars
  • Chips
  • Brownie mix
  • Rice crispie treats
  • Homemade cookies
  • Ramen noodles
  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels or party mix
  • Protein bars
  • Tea or lemonade mix


For an extra treat, consider gift cards to your child's favorite restaurants or fast food places

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flashcards are wonderful teaching tools

Flashcards are wonderful teaching tools. They offer fun, interactive learning for all levels of education for all subject types. Often created by teachers or purchased in educational stores or departments, flashcards can help with memory skills, mathematical skills, advanced discussion work, interaction via games, speaking and listening skills of all ages.

Flashcards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. They often have space on them for students to insert their own replies and they can be personalized. In addition, flashcard software is becoming increasingly popular due to new technology. Computers are used more and more often in education.

People can get creative with the cards. For instance, popular uses of flashcards include writing calculations on one side with answers on the other, or developing thoughts on one side with pictures or other images and by writing correlating bullet points on the reverse side. Some write questions on one side, answers on the reverse. Others add colors to the cards (with markers, colored pencils, paints, chalks, etc.) and then jazz them up with colorful stickers, glitter, felt or other fun craft items.

And not only students reap rewards with flashcards. Take a look at this brief overview of who benefits and how.

Students - Of course students are among the number one benefactors of flashcards. Skills they learn using flashcards include: memory, association, verbal, cognitive, interaction, mathematical, listening and more.

Parents - Parents benefit by having tools to help their children with learning and examination preparation. Flashcards can be purchased or created fairly inexpensively, fitting into family budgets of all income levels. And the cards offer opportunities to extend learning beyond the point or points mentioned on the cards, opportunities for family interaction as well.

Teachers - Teachers benefit with flashcards in a variety of way: via teacher-directed study, self-paced student study, and by helping team up student partners, teaching them to work with the fronts and backs of flashcards for enhanced learning. Flashcards are creative outlets for many teachers, as well, allowing for use of crafting materials and instruction with imaginative teaching methodology on two sides.

So get flashcards, the little pictures that can lead to the big picture!

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Mini Fridge Buying Guide

Mini Fridge Buying Guide eBay

Published by eBay May 5, 2014 .

 Mini Fridge Buying Guide A mini fridge is an ideal way of keeping food and drinks cool, without taking up a large amount of space. There are a range of different mini fridges available. Some are only suitable for storing snacks and drinks, while others are cool enough to store meats and groceries. Other types of fridges available include wine fridges and travel fridges. Travel fridges are powered using the cigarette lighter of a car, and keep food and drinks cold on long journeys. When purchasing a mini fridge, it is important to consider what items will occupy the fridge, as well as the size required. Some mini fridges can keep food warm as well as cool.

 This guide explores the different types of mini fridges available, the sizes available, and their functions. This guide also looks at how to buy high a quality mini fridge at an affordable price.

 What is a Mini Fridge?....... Read more here

VTech - Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

 5 piano keys play music notes 
3 colorful spinning rollers 
3 shape sorters and light-up shape buttons 
Telephone handset, spinning gears and open/close barn door enhance role play fun Recommended for children 6 months and above

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Back to School.....Again

Yeah it's that time again. Whether it's the first time in school, pre-K, or headed back...K-12, College, or maybe you are the adult that just said, "It's my time!!!"

Those words are here: "Back to school!!!"

Time to make the  list of things that are needed, whether for them, you or both.  
So start now and beat the crowd.
Here's a partial to do list

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