Friday, February 7, 2014

Let's teach our children.

Hello all and how are you? Fine I hope. As a new blogger I always hear you need to write about something you are passionate about. So I sat and thought about it and asked myself: "What are you passionate about?" Took awhile-then it hit me: the education of our children.

As a wife and mother of 3 children, I have always been an advocate for education- mainly for our young ones. Remember we as parents are our children's FIRST TEACHER!! What we teach them or don't reach them will show thru their actions. You can either be proud or ashamed. I'm sure you would wanna be proud. We want to keep in mind that a child is like a sponge, they absorb EVERYTHING around them-whether good or bad. So why not contribute to their good manners, habits, and characteristic. Good idea, yes?

So when should we start? Infancy. You are starting with a clean sheet of paper and you're holding a PERMANENT MARKER!!! There's NO ERASING!!! What you put there stays there!!! We want to build good lasting memories for our children.

So what can we teach our infants? Well in this case there is an endless list of things. I'll show you a few to get you started.

Let's make bath time fun Bathtub Toys

Bedtime is also a great time to relax the little one for a good nights rest......for the both of you. You can never go wrong with Elmo


I hope this was helpful. Please comment....keep it clean. Thank you.

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